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June 2024


We ensure guests and customers experience brands with all senses and in every sense.

Every hotel, airline, and lifestyle brand strives to provide a one-of-a-kind service to its guests and customers. We’re dedicated to creating amenities that translate the uniqueness of those services into experiences that stick.Our goal is to make life’s little moments feel like a luxurious escape, with delightful surprises within every tube, bottle, or box. Whether a hotel wants to add magic to their guests’ stay or a brand wants to leave a lasting impression on the customer, we have the experience to dazzle.

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Even a subtle scent can make the biggest difference to the experience your guests have.

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Private label & Bespoke

We specialise in crafting tailor-made amenities that capture the brand’s essence, providing a blank canvas for its distinct vision.

HAIL Europe creates signature amenities for companies, brands, and organisations with luxurious formulas that surprise and soothe, accessories that convey the brand’s mission, and tailor-made packaging that fits the brand like a glove.

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Supplying luxury and quality cosmetics to hotels and retail across Europe and beyond

What our clients say

We have enjoyed a highly positive and longstanding collaboration with HAIL Europe.

They are exceptionally agile, cooperative, and consistently grasp our needs. Their operational style seamlessly aligns with ours, ensuring smooth communication. This synergy has culminated in a remarkable achievement, the creation of our exclusive private label, Etika. We are delighted with the outcome and look forward to continuing our partnership for many more years to come.

Pilou Verwiel

As the preferred supplier of Kloeg Collection, our collaboration with HAIL Europe is built upon shared interests. The private label bath products, featuring our unique quotes, design, and branding, offer our guests an added touch of luxury during their stay. This, in part, has led to the establishment of a longstanding relationship with HAIL Europe.

Nina Kloeg

I’m a dealer for the Spanish hospitality market in the area of Barcelona. HAIL Europe’s exclusive brands, houselabels and fulfillment services fit my local client’s needs perfectly. It represents an ever growing part of my portfolio’s revenue. Our collaboration is a win-win for all.

Larisa Rodriquez

At Hotel De Blanke Top, we have always strived for the highest quality for our guests. That’s why we are delighted to celebrate our partnership with HAIL Europe, a leading supplier of guest supplies, which allows us to deliver an unforgettable experience.

Olivier Bott

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